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"Katharine Horowitz’ sound design is flawless and adds an immense amount of depth."

-What do the internet, feminism, capitalism and mental health have in common?, One Girl, Two Cities

"Katharine Horowitz’s sound design resonates the epic sweep of the story."

-Mercurial Performances Grace “Bright Half Life” at Pillsbury House, Lavender Magazine

"The performances are sharpened by a rumbling sound score (designed by Katharine Horowitz) and muted pyrotechnics."-'The Children' is a must-see show at Pillsbury House Theatre, Star Tribune 

"In an unsubtle but chilling touch that’s well-executed by actor [Rolando] Martinez and sound designer Katharine Horowitz, the official’s harsh English becomes eerily amplified growling and snarling." -'Harry Chin' is a carthartic, true tale of how borders haunt families for generations, City Pages

"Katharine Horowitz contributes a subtle and essential soundscape of the distinct, lonely sounds of a small town."

-Walking Shadow gives a quietly powerful production of 'The Aliens', Star Tribune

"There is a sense of quietness and stillness to every aspect of the show, from the acting to impeccable sound design by Katharine Horowitz."

-"'The River' of Remembrance", Minnesota Monthly

"perfect over-the-top music by Katharine Horowitz..."

-'Realish Housewives of Waukee' delivers real laughs, Des Moines Register

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