Design Samples

Samples below are categorized by effectsmusic, or field recording. Additional recordings may be heard at .

MUSIC: Original music for Trademark Theater's audio play production of Understood, fall 2020.

MUSIC: Original music for Macalester College's production of Perspectives, fall 2020.

MUSIC: Original music for Walking Shadow Theatre's production of Open, fall 2019.

MUSIC: Original music for William Shakespeare's Richard III, , produced by Great River Shakespeare Company, Winona, MN, summer 2017.

MUSIC: Original music for William Shakespeare's Cymbeline, produced by Great River Shakespeare Festival, Winona, MN, summer 2019.

EFFECTS: A soccer game, created entirely with sound and lights, for The Jungle Theater's 2018 production of The Wolves.

MUSIC: Original music and sound collage created for Pillsbury House Theatre's 2019 production of Jimmy and Lorraine: A Musing (This track contains gunshots and racist language.)

FIELD RECORDING and MUSIC: A kalimba and piano mimic the sound of birdcall amid a babbling brook.

FIELD RECORDING: A recording of the neighborhood around 35th and Chicago, Minneapolis.

MUSIC: Original music for History Theatre's production of The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin, March 2016.

MUSIC: An improvisational recording of foot stomps, claps, and guttural utterances for My Children! My Africa! at Park Square Theatre.  (A video of the recording session can be seen here: ) To enhance the track, I laid underneath a kalimba, a shaker and electronic log drum sampler.

FIELD RECORDING: A snapshot of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, at midnight on a Saturday, March 2013.

EFFECTS: "Lightning blasts and the faraway cottage darkens, lost to the howl of a dragon’s roar." For Michael Elyanow's play, The Children, produced by Pillsbury House Theatre in 2016, I mixed the sounds of an alligator breathing, a pig scream, and a human scream to create the sound of a dragon roar.