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Classes for older students also focus on sound appreciation, but place a greater emphasis on the definition and process of sound design for the theatre, as well as an introduction to and demonstration of basic audio equipment and software (if requested). Classes may be tailored depending on interest and available audio equipment. 


Lesson plans can be altered depending on need and available equipment.

Our sense of hearing plays an integral role in how we perceive our world and our emotions. There is an incredible emotional content to sound, and learning to appreciate and understand its place in the world and in our lives greatly improves our enjoyment of and ability for story-telling. 


With this approach, I offer basic sound design lectures and labs specifically tailored to all ages. 



Classes for elementary students (age nine and above) focus on identifying sounds in the real world, the creation of sounds (through foley instruments), and integrating sounds into stories the students create themselves. 

Photo by Farrington Starnes

Students create the sound of a scene from a silent movie, using props and instruments. (From Technical Tools of the Trade August 2014 workshops.)


In addition to offering individually tailored classes, I am also a part of Technical Tools of the Trade, an educational program that "teaches the technical skills of theater art and design while fostering and encouraging an environment of curiosity, innovation, exploration and the open sharing of knowledge and skills." TTT offers classes throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area. To schedule a class with myself or other experienced designers and technicians, please visit their website.

Minnesota Theatre Alliance conference, July 2016.

Photo by Katharine Horowitz

For a listing of my teaching experience, please see the attachment below. For my professional resume, please go to the Resume page of this website. To contact me for syllabus examples or to set up classes, please visit the Contact form of this website.

K_Horowitz teaching resume

STUDENT FEEDBACK (taken from classes held at St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts, and the 2014 MN Thespians Conference)


  • "Her smartness was cool."

  • “I loved listening to an experienced sound designer talk about the work she does.”

  • “I enjoyed listening to the sounds and examining how they made us all feel.”

  • “She’s fun and interesting. Made a point of seeing us as equals.”

  • “I learned a lot about how sound affects an audience.”

  • “She was engaging and related the content to our studies”

  • “Learned a lot. It was fun to play around with the sound effect instruments, and I liked learning about the software.”

  • "I learned a nice foundation for doing my own sound design.

  • [My favorite part was] listening to the sounds she made herself. It created a vision."

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